Sunday, August 9, 2015

Silas the Scottish Deerhound Remembered

The Photographer and I attended an Agility Trial in Morgan Hill last weekend.  Maria was competing with Buddie and Gemma.

As Garbo had Rally class in the morning with Tiffanie Moyano of Dog Logic U, we missed the morning trials when Maria was running  with Buddie.  We were on hand for the afternoon sessions however and enjoyed seeing these amazing athletes in action.

The competitors range from Doxies to Great Danes and every kind and size of dog in between. Fabulous to watch!  We delightedly watched the afternoon trials start off with a Doxie, followed by  a small Havanese.  They had to jump over hinders 8 inches tall.  Hard to do when your legs are about 3 inches long :-)

We watched happy dogs, some who qualified for the next level of competition, some who just had a lot of fun practicing and some who knocked down a bar or took a wrong turn or skipped an obstacle or two.... going on to try again another day.

As Maria was leaving the facility a man approached her asking if she had not some time ago had a Scottish Deerhound named Silas?  Indeed she did!  About 30 or 35 years ago!  Talk about a far reach  way back in history.

Silas was the sweetest most gentle boy in his very Deerhound feline kind of way.  Growing up and living his life with Chico the Photographers 135 pound Rottweiler.  We always joked about our  living with Bambi and Godzilla.

Running, Silas would  fly!  As  his feet never seemed to touch the ground!

Silas' Grandmother was a movie star!  She had a lead role in "Out Of Africa" a movie ALSO featuring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.

Amazing to find that our Silas is still remembered all these years later.  Silas the love of our  life!

Silas with his Doctor Seuss appearance!  Beautiful Silas!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Coming Home To Smell The Coffee

How we love these early morning walks, Garbo and I!  The Photographer and I have been taking turns going on that first morning expedition, it was my turn today.  The mornings have been shrouded in ocean fog lately.  Perfectly cool and a bit misty.  The absolutely right weather for Garbo!  The neighborhood is pretty quiet as we often leave around 6 in the morning, sometimes even earlier.  The three days a week when the Photographer goes to work, we take our walk later, after sending him on his way.  Those mornings are delightful in a very different way, since we then run into all sorts of neighbors, dogs, people out on they're morning constitutionals, many of whom we know by name.  Dog friends Garbo just adores meeting!  Well, I can safely say that Garbo has not  met many dogs nor persons that she does NOT like. Back home, opening the door inhaling the fragrance of fresh coffee brewing. Bliss!

As it was with her predecessor Vi'Skaly's Ralph Lauren, Ralle or Ralph,"a dear child has many names."  She like he is a magnet!  We have met so many people, enjoyed dinners, lunches and interesting conversations due to our dogs, who literally create these relationships.  If it was not for Garbo we would not know several of the persons we now consider dear friends.

I had the pleasure of being invited to a fabulous lunch in the "hood".  We were eight ladies all together being treated to great food and bubbles along with laughs and friendly chatter.  The women who attended, with the exception of one, were persons I have met many times on our walks with Garbo.  She, the "door opener!"

The days of the last couple of weeks have been filled with the normal mundane every day activities and some disappointing revelations, even some tragedies along with some delights! And dog classes in San Martin with our fabulous instructor Tiffanie Moyano.

The Photographer struck by the news of a favorite actor, rich and famous, who was stealing truckloads of water from a water main to use to irrigate  his avocado grove!  It is not fun to have those we admire turn out to be "bad guys".

Our Daughters in law both lost people very close to them recently.  Tragedy striking close to home! One a dear friend, the other a close family member!  Both rushing to their respective "home countries" for funerals.  Making us all think of the fragility of life.  Here today, gone tomorrow!

I created a computer mess by clicking on a site called "Famous Film Food Flops" and picked up some dreaded computer virus!  Thankfully the Photographer with his magic  managed to fixed it!  What on earth would I do without him?

My Best Friend who is home visiting in Sweden for the summer reports that she had her purse stolen while at breakfast at a Scandic Hotel in Stockholm stuffed with credit cards, cash, passport and all.  Reported the loss to the credit card companies, banks,  and the police. A couple of days later the police called. The purse was discovered at a nearby grocery store. The only things missing was the cash and a pair of sunglasses! An ANGEL on her shoulder,  I say!

As always there has been a fair amount of celebrations, much cooking and baking my favorite activity,  along with dog park visits and walks at Brigantino Park. Delightful time spent on each!

Lastly, while at the post office sending a baby gift to Sweden the clerk typing in our last name commented on the meaning of the name.  The clerk, also of Hispanic origin, jokingly asked if we were considering voting for "The Donald?"  Or if we thought we like he would be working on the WALL separating the USA from Mexico?  Such is life these days!  It is good to have a sense of humor!  It is good to be able to laugh at the follies....

Now I need another cup of that coffee!  It comes from Maryland.  A gift from the "future Chef."  The roasting company name is RISE UP, we need to DO some of that..., not just have it in our cup!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Busy June and The 4th of July!

It was a full, jam packed, and loaded June.  Many birthdays were celebrated, there were visits from dear friends as well as family members.  We had a most delightful visit when our oldest grandson brought his special girl for us to meet!  We felt honored and privileged!

There were wild fires in Oakhurst and Mariposa to worry about, all while it is "snowing" at our house, as Garbo is "blowing" her coat.
We went to the Hollister Air Show!  A Father's Day event. That was a lot of fun!

The US Supreme Court decided to change the law of that land, allowing people to marry whom they love.  About time if you ask me.  Bringing the USA more in step with western Europe.  An exciting milestone in the history of my adopted country.

We giggled about the fact that the best part of the Air Show were the Motorcycle Stunt Riders!

The race for the White House is on in full swing even though voting will not take place until the fall of 2016.  It is gong to be both crazy and tiresome by that time.  Hoping we all survive it.

The Hollister Motorcycle Freedom Rally was on, as tradition demands, bringing tens of thousands of motorcycles to town!

There was a lovely dinner at our daughters house celebrating the 4th.  We were treated to Hickory Smoked Slow Roasted Tri Tip, with Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa, a Wheat Berry Cherry Salad, an array of grilled veggies from their garden, and a sinful dessert!  What could be better than that?

With the 4th of July weekend now at an end, fireworks and all, I reflect back on our life with Ralle,  Vi'Skaly's Ralph Lauren, he who hated  and feared fireworks!  How we suffered with him during these events.  Garbo on the other hand does not bat an eyelash!  She snuggled up to the open door to the back deck last night with fireworks blasting and blaring just a few blocks away... slept like the baby she is!

Garbo, or Vi'Skaly's Tropical Hurricane, will be two years old on the 7th of July!  We are so happy to have her in our life!  Happy Birthday Garbo!

Now, for something new and fun to do, we have discovered a website called:
it looks like something right up my or our alley.  Let's see what comes of that?

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A House Full of Swedes and a Ripe Tomato

Yes, in exactly that order.

They arrived, Photographer Maria Berg of "Allt Kan Grönska" fame and her family!  A group of people we knew nothing about other than via Facebook and a couple of sessions on Skype.  Some called us brave others called us insane and a few cheered.

Maria bringing her family on an American discovery tour.  Rekindling memories and experiences from her trip to the States long before her family came to be.  She had a desire to show her daughters and her husband the good, the bad and the in-between!  It will be interesting to hear what the end conclusions will be.  I just hope she will share their impressions with us.  Seeing the States with Swedish eyes today, verses then.

They started with having a desire to see San Francisco! So we were their first stop, the first leg!  They loaded up in our car early one morning and took off on  the city tour.  They saw the Golden Gate disappear in fog, checked out the trolleys, Fishermans Wharf and  they "did" Lombard Street among other things.  There was a trip scheduled to attend a podcast in Petaluma.  Along with a desire to see pelicans and seals in Monterey.  The pelicans were viewed as they flew above us, too far away to get proper pictures, but Maria did capture some nice frames and some  of smiling seals in the Monterey harbor.  The true hit however, was swimming at the cove by Lovers Point!  The girls able to use up some pent up energy!

There was a trip to Costco, a lunch at Chipotle, some had the opportunity to eat a REAL burger at In N Out!  Lucky them!  There were berries, pineapple and fresh melon to eat, orange juice to drink and food on the table and everyone seemed satisfied.

Presently the adventure has taken them to the corn fields in Iowa, then they fly off to Sin City aka Las Vegas with a bit of The Grand Canyon thrown in for good measure.  Those three experiences alone are about as far apart and as extreme as you can have it.  Completely and totally different worlds.  Let us see what they think?

It has been quiet since they left our house.  The beds put away.  The laundry done.  And we are back to our everyday routine.  Up next for us is a visit from our former neighbours (from Mariposa) and  ex coworker Russ and his bride of many, many years.  Then JQ will have a week end stop over before the month is over.

Many of "mine" go to Sweden for summer visits.  Maud and her entourage. The youngest grandchildren, along with their parents are going on their annual trek to visit the lucky Swedish Grandparents and other family members in Skåne and beyond. Gary and Kevin  are going to Sweden too.  The young men to be hosted by several of our family members.  My Sister, My Cousin and My Niece and their families.  We wish them all many happy memories!  Looking forward to hearing about their experiences.

While we stay here, enjoying our first ripe tomato with many more to follow!

Happy summer everyone!